Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where Has All the Outrage Gone?

On Tuesday, James Inhofe attempted to rekindle some kind of spark against a bailout program that has seen a laundry list of banks, along with the US Automotive industry, receive a total of over two-hundred billion dollars. Inhofe called the the bailout the "most outrageous vote in American history."

The program took a huge step in tilting our country in the direction of a socialized autocracy when, as Inhofe states, "75 percent of the House and Senate voted to give an unelected bureaucrat an unprecedented amount of money – the largest amount in American history to be actually voted on at one time, with no strings attached, no guidelines, no oversight."

The American people were indeed outraged. So outraged in fact that as millions upon millions of Americans decided to allow themselves to be heard via email, the website for the US House of Representatives crumbled under the onslaught. Their voices ignored, the House postured, striking the bill down until the Senate had had enough time to fatten the bill with more pork than DC had seen since Clinton's interns roamed the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania. Once appropriately engorged, the bill slid down easier than, well, you get the idea...

So color me bemused, along apparently with Inhofe and not many others, at our current situation, as The One postures with threats of vetoing Congress' option to deny the second half of the bailout funds to the autocracy. I am bemused because I fully understand the situation, as does, it seems, Inhofe. It is very simple, and I have yet to see anybody acknowledge it.

Obama needs the full and complete bailout to pass.

Make no mistake, the "stimulus" is Obama's mealticket to politico-economic legitimacy. If the second half of the bailout is passed, if we allow another 350 billion of our future tax dollars to be doled out to whomever comes calling, with no accountability as to where or for what, it easily sets a standard for Obama to demand the $775 billion for his "stimulus." It easily sets the standard for Obama to demand that the government print our future and the future of our children up out of thin air, with no tangible value attached, with no foresight as to how long it can possibly take for the government to realize a payback, for the government to erase the largest deficit ever seen in the history of, well, history.

There is no reason to be able to click this link, and have a page load successfully.

Where has all the outrage gone?

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