Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tax Cuts? What Tax Cuts?

Reading through the Stimulus Plan, and Congressman Obey's Report, I have one tiny question.

Where are the tax cuts?

A simple CTRL+F and quick document search for the word "tax" reveals that the word "tax" shows up in the Stimulus Plan a grand total of five times, and never once in the context of providing any tax cuts.

Congressman Obey's Report tells that there will be "$275 billion in economic recovery tax cuts." At no point in time does it ever once discuss any particular tax that will be cut.

Obama and the members of Congress that are in support of this bill seem to be playing a game of three card monty with us. Only via sleight of hand are they claiming that this bill represents any tax cuts. The claim, in fact, throughout Obey's report is that by injecting cash into government programs and into state governments, and to the tune of over half of the money allocated, they are helping to avoid taxes being raised.

These are not tax cuts, people.

The doublespeak floweth.

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