Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Short Break

We approach Barack Obama's inaugural address as president. I will be listening, and quite with bated breath. I remember his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I remembered thinking at the time, after Howard Dean made an incomprehensible fool of himself in Iowa, and it settled in that we would be left to Bush and Kerry stumbling over one another, that that was what our politicians were supposed to be. After being a child during the Reagan years, and recalling the throngs of people he drew via his inherent greatness, I wondered at the time where our great politicians, our great leaders had gone.

More than anything, I believe that his air of greatness is what has catapulted Barack Obama to the presidency. I do not agree with his economic and social policies. I did not vote for him in the election for this reason. Nearly half the voting populace voted the other way for similar reasons. I do not agree with the strong-arm tactics he just used to force Congress to release the second half of the TARP funds. I believe he did it to set a precedent of emergency to further force through the horrible misappropriation of funds that is the "stimulus," which I believe has no basis for support within the realm of reality. I live and work in that realm of reality. I will be critical of this president every step of the way. As will many of you.

But today is Barack Obama's day. Today is his day as our President to address us as a nation and fill us with pride for our country and, dare I say it, hope for our future. Of all days, today is the day even the most cynical of us might allow ourselves half an hour for this man to uplift us as a nation.

He will speak today with his typically masterful oratory, and will no doubt touch millions of people. I look forward to a soaring speech that makes me proud to have him as our President, if even only for a few moments. I hope he gives us what this moment, a moment that has swelled to incredible proportions due to a massive tideswell outside of his control, commands. Despite my disdain for his policies, as an American, I will take a break to open my ears and my mind, and I hope that for about half an hour today he makes me proud.


  1. I won't be watching or listening. A serial rapist could have been elected given the way the media has backed him up.

  2. I won't be watching or listening either.

    God, Jimmy Carter all over again, except most likely worse.