Monday, January 19, 2009

Perspective on $150 Million

Over the course of three days, Barack Obama is giving himself a $150 million pat on the back, taking the concept of bread and circuses, not to mention sheer vanity, to new heights. To give this some perspective, let's look at just what $150 million might otherwise be worth right now.

1. 42,857,142 shares of Citigroup

Seems to me they could use the boost.

2. 23,400,936 shares of the New York Times

They played in advance. Time to pay!

3. 100,000 high level purebred puppies

That's 99,999 more families whose spirits The One could lift with a puppy. Surely an apt use of this kind of money given the current state of affairs.

4. 7,425 ACORN Employees for a year.

If the stimulus wasn't already floating them $5.15 billion, I'm sure O would be all over this.

5. 10,000 Hair Transplant Surgeries

Alternatively, 28,735,632 cases of Chiclets

6. Wardrobe for 1,000 Palin Campaigns
Given the creative black hole about to consume the likes of SNL, wouldn't this be a charitable donation in his own best interests?

7. 11,547,344 Digital Tire Gauges
Wouldn't this be quite the start to The One's energy plan?

8. 3,750 Fines for Dirty Cabinet Appointees
Savor the hypocrisy as The One tells ABC that "nobody is above the law."

9. 217,391,304 Nutter Butters
To help clean up the current health scare. We need to be sure Obama knows our vomiting isn't just caused by salmonella.

10. Social Security, Medicare and Income Tax for 12,500 US Citizens

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