Friday, January 9, 2009


So much for the Jews controlling the media.

I won't speculate too much on the video CNN aired, pulled from their website under massive blogger scrutiny, and then put back up after a massively indignant, "How Dare You Question CNN," type of response. The scrutiny and subsequent commentary is already flying at LGF and HotAir. Also, this is day one of this blog's existence. Can't imagine too many people will see this anyway!

One does have to wonder, however, where the bias against Israel in the media comes from. By all counts, Hamas has been the aggressor, and Israel the more lenient. If this were Mexico lobbing half-assed rockets into California, I've got to imagine we'd be annexing Mexico city by the end of March, at the latest.

I know many people will point to the idea of the Muslims in Palestine being the "oppressed." I just know I don't know or hear of many Jewish people carving up themselves and their children in commemeration of say, Moses' denial of entry into the Holy Land.

How many juries do you think would allow something like the following photos (Originally Posted by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs on 01-08-2008) to be defended successfully in court as religious expression in this country? I'm guessing zero. Well, outside of Detroit anyway.

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