Thursday, January 22, 2009

Consequences of Our Actions

At least someone in Congress is addressing what the real causes are. We can only hope the rest of the people there will listen!

Hat Tip: Campaign for Liberty


  1. I just wish it wasn't Ron Paul giving voice to the situation and message. No one takes him seriously anymore. Over the years he has left so much ammunition out there to use against him that those opposed to what he is saying have no problem diverting attention away from what he is saying and right on to him. He has become a pariah within his party and it's hard to accomplish anything in that environment with out other members working with you.

  2. Tough to disagree with that sentiment. He's a victim of the last eight years because of his insane foreign policy views. Very unfortunate that he's become the pariah you say just when we need him the most for what he's best at: economy.