Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Political Thesaurus

Throughout the primaries and on up until the day he was elected, The One campaigned on the promise to end the "Politics of Fear" that had been ravaging the hopes and dreams of the American people under President Bush.

Lo and behold, it appears that in Obama's dictionary, the Politics of Fear is defined only by terrorizing the people via the threat of terror.

I wonder what term Big Brother has looked up in his thesaurus of alternate political realities to describe his
THREAT TO VETO Congress' potential decision to withhold the remaining TARP funds?

In making this move, the President-elect is already attempting to hold Congress, and subsequently the will of the American people, hostage to his whims. I've expounded on the idea of the furtherance of these bailouts and stimulus packages leading to a
loss of our liberties in the past.

It seems that Obama is set on utilizing the general unease and fear of the economic unknown to get what he wants, when he wants, and hopes the American people are just as stupid as their Congressmen in actually celebrating him for doing it.

The End of the Politics of Fear, indeed.

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