Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reinforcing Scientific Fraud

The "stimulus" plan pushed by Barack Obama and scraped up out of the gutter by the democrats in Congress is undoubtedly filled with plenty of pork. While it is not "pork" in the sense that our representatives typically label it, there is plenty of pork as far as we citizens are concerned.

One glaring area where this is the case is the amount of money that will be made available to Dr. James Hansen, the lunatic in charge of climate modeling at NASA, who over the past year has demanded nothing short of the complete destruction of our own economy for the sake of stopping "runaway" global warming, and recently wrote a personal letter to Barack Obama pleading with him to introduce a "carbon tax and 100% dividend" system, that would literally crush our energy and transportation infrastructures at all levels.

Recently it has been uncovered that Hansen has apparently been cooking the books with his data sets. Nevertheless, to the global warming fanatics, Hansen's is the voice guiding their movement. Given, the allocations made in the "stimulus" package, it appears this man will be doing plenty of wrongful data manipulation for years to come.

NASA has specifically been allocated $600 million, with the caveat that NOT LESS than $250 million be allocated to "Earth Science Climate Research Missions." Elsewhere the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration has been allocated $600 million toward "Satellite Development & Acquisition & Acquiring Climate Sensors and Climate Modeling Capacity, & Establishing Climate Data Records" and "Climate Modeling."

Given caveats throughout the bill that allow for jurisdictional redistribution of funds, this puts a man who has committed scientific fraud for political purposes within easy reach of anywhere between $850 million and $1.2 billion of taxpayer dollars to pursue a political agenda under the guise of emergency scientific research.

As I write this in an historically cold Chicago, I shiver, not for the cold, but for the direction of our leading scientific community in general.

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  1. Hansen is known as The Weather Clown in the Blogoshere. A true fraud.