Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grass Roots Liberty

The major, major focus of Obama's run to the Presidency was his ability to create a grass-roots movement heavily leaning on the young, as well as the internet. Indeed, many have credited his ability to be somewhat ahead of the curve (at least in politics) in terms of his use of technology to further his agendas.

In that vein, an organization is out there on campuses across the country, orgranized via the internet, that is promoting a return to our constitution and our highest ideal: Liberty.

That organization is Young Americans for Liberty. They're a continuation of the group Students for Ron Paul that sprang up during his primary candidacy.

Today they have been reporting on a nationwide campaign they established and executed during the coronation yesterday called "Real Change Requires R3volution."

The blog is young (as if I'm one to talk), as are many of its members, but they have national coverage and are active, taking the message of Liberty to the streets, in an effort to expand the message of Libertarianism beyond the limited circles which it currently occupies. I'm personally hoping the general vent of the expansion of Libertarianism over the next four years begins to encompass some element of common sense in the realm of foreign policy in order to better lend the movement legitimacy among the general populace. That said, the grass-roots movement and recruitment thus far, and YAL's ability to have carried off a nationwide recruitment drive in the face of The Rapture was impressive on the whole.

Their blog entries today, so far from Indiana, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas-San Antonio, Southeastern Louisiana, Idaho State and Texas-Austin have been cataloguing their demonstrations throughout the day, with some generally fascinating stories, and a promising receptiveness amongst even the O-bots.

Today the grass roots campaign for a return to Liberty has mobilized. I would encourage anyone and everyone to keep an eye movements happening with YAL, and also at Campaign for Liberty, and to join in if it smacks of what you're made of.

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