Friday, January 16, 2009

Why It Matters

I've been railing and railing and railing against the continuation of the bailout and Obama's Stimulus Plan all week. But why does it matter? Ron Paul explains at Campaign for Liberty.

It is not money, as is sometimes said, but the depreciation of money - the cruel and crafty destruction of money - that is the root of many evils. Inflation destroys individual thrift and self-reliance as it gradually erodes personal savings. Few policies are more calculated to destroy the existing basis of a free society than the debauching of its currency.

--Franz F. Sennholz

The government meddling, the intervention into where they do not belong, the inflation, the deflation and the usurpation of powers with which they were not enumerated is why it matters.

Nothing less than our freedoms are in the balance.

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