Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Filthy Shame

Dick Morris wrote yesterday that the GOP should "fight the stimulus" by pushing free enterprise.

How does he propose that the GOP should do this?

The answer is for the Republicans to caucus and come up with a Free Enterprise Amendment to add to the stimulus package. The amendment should spell out what the government may not do in influencing the policy of private banks. It should, for example, make it illegal for the feds to urge certain lending policies on banks or to suggest specific loans that might be granted. It should enjoin the feds from intervening in decisions on who should manage various aspects of bank operations. The idea would be to cordon off large parts of the private sector, even in subsidized institutions, to bar public federal government influence.

A well-drawn amendment would be akin to the protections in the Bill of Rights against government intervention in certain activities such as religion, press, speech, petitioning and assembly. It would lay down markers indicating what the feds may not do.

If you had any question about the status of our Constitution, this should seal the deal for you.

Amendments 9 and 10 already pretty well expressly prohibit the US Government from doing anything they've done with the Fed buying up portions of banks as it is.

What else would such an admendment to the stimulus bill serve, other than to indicate to the world and the American people that we, the People of the United States indeed no longer care about the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves or our Posterity?

While I can't particularly argue with Morris' reasoning here, as there needs to be some kind of impediment to these disgusting socialist slimeballs that are squirming through the halls of Washington these days, it's a filthy shame that the ideals our country was built on should need to be spelled out to impede such actions at all.

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