Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time To Get Exploited!

Ok kids -

I've had an idea knocking around my noodle since an offhand comment made at a noodle house after emptying my pockets, and I'd like to make use of you, dear readers, to expand on it. Take a moment, grab your camera, and take a quick pic of the contents of your pockets. Go ahead and post the pic here or email it [and please do leave a comment here saying you did so] to pocketpic@gmail.com. Go ahead and list your sex [hehe] and age, and profession if you really want.

Ladies, if wearing pocketless pantaloons [or skirts for that matter] then grab the items from your desk/coat/purse/Sherpa team that you would carry with you on a casual trouser/jean/khaki wearing day.

It will only take a minute, it will lead to further interesting reading, and as always - remember It's for Science!

I'll get us started.


  1. I sent you the contents of my pocket... judge me if you like. I am female and 22.

  2. sent now show me science....

  3. smokes, lighter, handful of change, sharpie, wallet, keys (home & work), and a 'fair-weather' phone.

    male, 22, facilities maint. tech.