Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back To It

This morning I stated in reference to anticipation of Obama's inaugural address that I would "take a break to open my ears and my mind, and I hope that for about half an hour today he makes me proud."

I looked forward to a moving speech with new themes and a great new oratory looking toward the future.

Instead I got, in summary, that our country is fucked, and we have to work hard to fix it, then a rehash of George Washington's words.

And now for the closing prayer I get to hear that we can look forward to a time when "White will embrace what is right?!?!"


So much for our post-racial times!

Nowhere for The One to go but down.

Color me unimpressed.


  1. I thought white already embraced right. We educate ourselves, hold down jobs, doante to charities and marry the mother of our children. If that isn't right - what is?

  2. It could be worse. You could be yellow, in which case you were exhorted to be mellow.

  3. I want a black Reagan.