Friday, February 6, 2009

What Do I Think a Stimulus Is?

Well, our President went out last night and tried to sell the "stimulus" by telling us all that spending is stimulus.

How stupid does this man think we all are?

The government is spending money it doesn't have!

If you, personally, go to Best Buy and put a new $3,000 TV on your credit card, you still have to pay your credit card company off, with interest, so that TV ends up costing you far more than $3,000. The alternative is to get another card, and then another, and then another, until all of a sudden you're $30,000 in debt to seven different cards and you've got no way out.

This is what this plan is doing!

We want to borrow another trillion dollars from the Chinese and the Saudi's and eventually we will have to pay it back.

But how long is it going to take?

We already have over $50 trillion in debt and are running our government at a further loss of $2 trillion a year as it is.

So just what do I think a real stimulus is Mr. President? I'll tell you.

The only way to get our government and our economy right-side up again is to cut taxes, re-address our entire monetary policy, and cut the size of the government.

If the frauds supposedly representing the interests of the American People in the Senate have any common sense today, they'll carry out the necessary abortion on this incestual rape of a bill.

If they don't, and this thing survives, unlike the doctor's office in Florida, there won't be anybody left to throw it out with the trash.

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