Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bald Faced Corruption

So it works out that all of the "tax cuts" in the stimulus work out to a whopping $13/week, starting in June, then reduced to $8/week in January. That's a grand total of $403 back in your pockets this year, and another $416 next year.

Basically this will allow me enough money buy myself a large coffee at Dunkin' Donuts every morning.

So much for stimulating the economy.

And now, aside from the $30 million to save Nancy Pelosi's great-grandchildren's pets, we find out that Harry Reid has decided that the excruciatingly long four hour drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas just takes too damn long. Either that or it doesn't allow enough poor people who can't afford cars to get to Vegas to blow what little money they can scrape together. So he decided that Obama needs to give him $8 billion to build a high-speed rail line from LA to LV.

Like he couldn't have gotten Steve Wynn and company out there to throw in for that? Hell they could've even put video-poker and slots on the damn trains, to be activated as soon as they crossed into Nevada.

And now, with a bill that immediately spends twice as much money growing government social programs as it does to stimulate the economy, Paul Ryan has issued the results of a report he requested from the Congressional Budget Office to give the full life cycle cost of this bill, since he, like the rest of us, realize that these social programs will never be reduced.

The final price tag?

$3.7 Trillion

This is the money that is going to be spent to fund ACORN, buy new cars for 27,000 government employees, subsidize the fraudulent "affordable housing" debacle that spurred the entire mess in the first place, and give the federal government full authority over your personal doctor in deciding whether or not he or she is treating you properly.

These are the people that are supposed to be our respected leaders.

But I guess, what can you expect from people who are trying to tell us all that Abraham Lincoln was a bipartisan President?

What a joke.

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