Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Soap is the Least of Your Worries

If you're a guy like me, you've probably had a thought similar to this "Christ I hope I don't drop this in the toilet."

Well perhaps not, but if you're a fan of portable gaming, or if you have a fancy cell phone and you're a guy - then you've more than likely stood infront of your toilet with one hand on your device, and the other on your phone. I was doing just this the other day, and it suddenly struck me to wonder if men or women go through phones more quickly on average. And what percent of the loss of those men's phones was due to a simple lack of something else to do while peeing.

So what can we do to save these poor gadgets from a watery grave? (other than simply refrain from using them around open bodies of water) Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas - because as our phones get more complicated, expensive, and entertaining they will only more often be held precariously above that terrifying goldfish graveyard. And we should do all we can to ensure that it does not become a grave for our phones as well.

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