Monday, February 9, 2009

Obot's Brain Unable to Compute

Michael Goodwin at Daily News recaps Obama's bumbling, stumbling start to his reign presidency. He seems particularly unable to understand how someone whose election and transition was so seamlessly smooth could be so comprehensively incoherent at the start.

He accused critics of pushing "tired arguments and worn ideas," but there is nothing more tired than Washington's wasteful spending. He wants to "name and shame" corporate fat cats who abuse taxpayer bailouts, but cheers his Dem mates for an outrageous tab that knows no precedent in our nation's history.

Who is this guy? Where is the Barack Obama who charmed the country and challenged it to greatness?

That's the guy we elected. That's the President we need.

The guy you elected, Mr. Goodwin, is whoever you wanted him to be. He successfully hoodwinked 67 million people into believing he was whatever they wanted him to be.

You've elected a ghost, Mr. Goodwin. A ghost who is incapable of true leadership and incapable of success. You know not what you've done, and for that, perhaps one day you may be forgiven.

In the meantime, however, please be aware that this is a man who believes that Only Government can be the answer to anything, that the Supreme Court is supposed to rewrite law as they see fit, and that if we oppose him, we are wrong and are to be ridiculed and allocated to the dustbins of history.

How long will you wait, I wonder, to recognize and interpret actual facts, before your high of "Hope" wears off and only a crushing fear and uncertainty is left?

It's no matter to me. Those of us with strong ideals and strong beliefs in what actually works: truth, liberty and freedom, will be here to pick up the pieces and guide you in the right direction.

Rest assured in the meantime, however, that your President surely won't be the one to do it.

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