Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Lunacy of the Coming New World Order

Ron Paul was on Glenn Beck's program yesterday.

For anybody who doesn't watch Beck, or thinks he's just flat out crazy (couldn't blame you given the eye thing featured on Colbert), I very highly recommend his show.

It's extremely entertaining if for no other reason that he truly thinks outside the box, and is basically the only person beating the drum of Freedom and Liberty and small government on television today.

That aside, a really great video here (Hat Tip: Below the Beltway) that talks about the collapse of both Bretton Woods, as well as the dollar reserve system, the house of cards that we've been living in until right now, and about where the G20 possibly thinks they're going to go now.

Essentially it looks like they're really starting to push the long-conspiracied New World Order, and, get this, somehow still try to base it all on fiat money.

Why is it that these people think that if they do the exact same things wrong, only bigger and bigger, somehow in the end it will ever turn out right?

After a world-wide house of cards collapses, what will they do then?

Their only hope for another 30 years down the road will be to have imperialized space to the same extent as they have this planet, so they can ruin economies at a universal level as well!


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