Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crying Himself to Sleep

Cabinet appointee after cabinet appointee after cabinet appointee is coming up dirty.

The House issued a horrendous "stimulus" bill very full of pork, with no Republican support and 11 Democrat defectors.

The Senate managed to make the bill bigger while making it even less stimulative.

The majority of Americans are opposed to this nonsensical approach to the economy that literally costs more money than God.

And now the Congressional Budget Office announces that Obama's stimulus will do more harm than good, at the same time that the President plays the FEAR card to the max.

Obama mentioned that the economy "keeps him up at night."

All this after nothing but ego-inflating fawning for the past year without fail. No doubt he's gotten quite a big head in that time.

If things keep up like this, there's only one way to explain how the President will be getting to sleep at night...

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