Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She's Got a Little Meat on Her

Sometimes guys like a woman with a little meat on her.  Other times a woman with a little meat on her will show up to instantly confirm just how completely vapid Camille Paglia said she was.
Lady Gaga is a manufactured personality, and a recent one at that. Photos of Stefani Germanotta just a few years ago show a bubbly brunette with a glowing complexion. The Gaga of world fame, however, with her heavy wigs and giant sunglasses (rudely worn during interviews) looks either simperingly doll-like or ghoulish, without a trace of spontaneity. Every public appearance, even absurdly at airports where most celebrities want to pass incognito, has been lavishly scripted in advance with a flamboyant outfit and bizarre hairdo assembled by an invisible company of elves.
Via Althouse, the meat dress:

Where's Cleon Salmon when you need him?  Ahhh, there he is!

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