Friday, September 10, 2010

Behold the GlamBeast

Last year on this blog, while she was still gracing the City of Chicago with her presence, my friend Christine wrote a few posts after I had chance to read some of her writing and asked her to bestow some culture and humor upon this otherwise largely economic and political blog.  She subsequently authored one great post for me, The Reluctant Hipster's Lament,  which retains one of the highest hit-counts of any article on this blog to this day, before saying goodbye to Chicago to move back home to San Diego.  Rumor has it James Westphal invited her out to meet Dr. Kenneth Noisewater and she simply couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Despite my light prodding for her to write more for me again, she's been pursuing other avenues that actually pay her money.  However, she has decided to start her own new blog, GlamBeast, where she's sharing her passions for modern art, fashion and music.  If you like those things, you would be missing out not to go check her out.  She finds some of the coolest stuff around in the vein of things you would never have heard of otherwise.

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