Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art, Music, Pop Culture 09-14-10

Today's AMPC features one of my favorite works of art every by Yves Tanguy, a beautiful cover of Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" done on the ukulele, and Morpheus discussing the Matrix with The Dude.


Yves Tanguy has been one of my favorite artists since I first came across his work somewhere around the age of 14.  I even gave this painting a shot in high school art class.  Unfortunately I wasn't so good with oil paint, but I was happy enough reveling in the work of a master in any case.  Here is Indefinite Divisibility, which he created in 1942.


Only just today have I been turned on to the works of Amanda Palmer.  Originally the lead singer for the Dresden Dolls, she's gone solo, and it would seem she's got herself a hell of a voice.  After parting ways with a label that was, what else, holding her down, she decided to do something fun for herself, and recorded an album of Radiohead covers using a ukulele.  This was bold to be sure, since Radiohead is inarguably one of the greatest bands of all time.  It was especially bold to me that she would choose to do Fake Plastic Trees, as it is one of my favorite songs ever.  But Palmer displays a soft yet powerful voice, and this is a beautiful rendition.


Few movies resonate with a majority of us out there as do The Matrix and The Big Lebowski.  Both are iconic for their own reasons, The Matrix having changed the way action movies are made forever, and The Big Lebowski being one of the most clever and memorable comedies of all time.  Apparently both were iconic enough for someone to put together a mash-up.  For this, there are no words.


  1. I am rather glad you are enjoying Amanda Palmer. 10 points to me!!!!

  2. 10 points to you for suggesting something to me other than death metal...there is hope for you yet!

  3. I fail to acknowledge Mastodon as a real band. I put them in the Dragonforce category.

  4. And now, post-seeing Mastodon, your "I put them in the Dragonforce category" is changed, right?