Monday, September 13, 2010

On Maureen Dowd's "Pastor Disaster"

Maureen Dowd used her 9/11 Op-Ed pulpit in the New York times this past weekend not to recount stories of the tragedy, nor to give rise to support for anyone involved in overcoming what remains an ongoing battle to recover from that most infamous of days.  Rather she decided to whine about how Obama has lost her RINO sister Peggy's support, as if anyone should care.  Buried within that drivel is yet another example of why so many of us out here in flyover country get our news and opinion from sources like Breitbart, HotAir, Drudge, FreeRepublic, the Times UK and hell, even the Russian Times, rather than to pay attention to our own home news sources.
The country is more polarized than ever on race and religion, with a Florida faker holding a complicit media hostage in the Koran-burning pastor disaster. Mosque-baiting Republicans have shown again that they’re willing to tear at the fabric of the country on the issues of 9/11 and national security in order to trample the Democrats.
Excuse me?  It's the opinion of the New York Times that this moron backwater hick pastor down in Florida is a pawn of the "mosque-baiting Republicans," who happen to be holding the media hostage for attention?  No doubt Maureen Dowd and the Grey Lady (who could tell the difference?) feel this is all part of that infamous vast right wing conspiracy as well.

Let's pay no mind, Maureen, to the fact that this country's top Republican voices spent the better part of two weeks shouting down this lunatic, the ever-so-fringe-and-radical Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck included.  Let's pay no mind to the fact that while Democrats and Liberals simply screamed "racist" once more, and attempted to make it mean something that this kook went to the same high school as Rush Limbaugh, that it was these right-wing conspiracists who provided the actual thoughtful conversation on the matter.  Discussion on the point that yes, this joker had the right to burn those books if he so chose, but that it served no higher purpose; the call to rationality, came from the right.

What was the reaction from the left?  A show of force, as the FBI showed up to this pastor's door, unannounced, with no warrant, with no crime having taken place, or likely to, to warn the man not to proceed, "for his own good."  Twenty-six years later than anticipated.

In the meantime, what of Ms. Dowd's "complicit media" being "held hostage?"  Well, when even the media members themselves realized they were partaking in little more than a gameshow, being used for airtime on a LaRouche-ian scale, what happened?  They stuck around of course.  The car crash has to be seen through to it's full completion, no matter how backed up the highway might be.

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