Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peter Schiff Discusses the Fed's Loose Money

I suppose it comes as no surprise now that the markets are "doing well again," that the analysts on shows like Fast Money are back to deriding Peter Schiff's outlook on things. It's almost completely unfathomable to me, however, that these people who spend their lives analyzing finances and money, either fail to understand, or flat out refuse to acknowledge that what Peter is talking about is our monetary policy.

Essentially the analysts are talking about Bernanke throwing more sticks on the campfire, and so everyone is warm right now, while Schiff is talking about making sure there are actually trees growing to get those sticks from. Yes, the market is good now, but it's still based on a fallacy.



  1. Yes Peter! Amen. Picking up 5 items here... in a few seconds... not one made in America. Why?

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