Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lollapalooza: Day One Diamonds

As I wake up this morning to the sound of my neighbor playing the drums in his backyard, coincidentally right outside my window, I am forced immediately past the grogginess I should feel after walking something like 847 miles in the rain yesterday, and into a clear minded state of recollection of day one's diamonds in the rough.

The Knux

Loved this hip-hop duo and their approach, utilizing a full band in lieu of a DJ. Fantastic energy, great beats and definitely a group to keep an eye on if you're into rap. Wouldn't you know it, entertainers that they were, they even broke out House of Pain's Jump Around. If Lolla had a roof, they would've blown it off!

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

The resurrection of James Brown. Since I'm finding it difficult to express the words for these guys beyond that, I'll steal a line from a Youtube commenter: Every once in a while I come across a band, musician, or artist that blows me away. I found my next one here!

Hollywood Holt

These guys came out and absolutely tore up Perry's, the DJ stage. They had the crowd absolutely amped up. We got so into this show that I completely forgot I only stopped in at Perry's "for a few minutes" while we waited for Ben Folds. We missed Ben Folds.

Asher Roth

You're either going to say, "Oh my God, not another rapper," or you're going to say, "But everybody knows Asher Roth!" Well, to the first point, there wasn't much happening aside from Black Joe Lewis on the rock front on day one. Manchester Orchestra, Black Joe Lewis, and Kings of Leon saved the rock day in my eyes. I gave the Springsteen-esque Gaslight Anthem a shot, but they just about put me to sleep. To the second point, yes, everyone already does know Asher Roth for his song "I Love College," but he's a diamond to me because this performance made him so much more than just that song to me. He killed his whole set, and save for Hollywood Holt, had his crowd going harder than anybody else all day.

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