Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lollapalooza: Day Two Must See's

I must confess I don't like much of what I see throughout the day for day two of Lollapalooza. However, the night brings the heavy hitters, and will make the entire weekend worth it to me. Only two must see's for me today, so I hope to find myself pleasantly surprised by the rest of the day. I would have three must see's, but I need to keep a good spot between my two must see's, so I won't be going to see Ben Harper, even though I want to.

Rise Against

The hottest band on the planet right now not named Kings of Leon. Pure energy, through and through, and while I'm not the biggest fan of their politics, I still love the music, and I can't wait to see them. Here's hoping for a great show as the Chicago boys come home to play!


My second favorite band ever, behind Alice In Chains. These guys put on the best live performance I have ever seen in my life, and they do it every time out. The best drummer alive, and one of the best ever, Danny Carey is almost inhuman.

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