Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tyrrany of Cap & Trade

For those of us that keep an eye on the "Global Warming" "Climate Change" "Energy Security" debate, and actually feel like we should know the facts, Lord Christopher Monckton is an undeniable force for common sense in the discussion.

His "Open Letter" to John McCain during the presidential election in October of 2008 remains quite simply one of the most comprehensive and practical arguments against the idea of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) I have ever come across, and is well worth the read for anyone wanting to shore up their arguments in the debate. And he has not stopped there, continuously offering some of the most salient arguments against AGW out there, such that he has even been banned from the debate.

Today we are provided with a fantastic interview with Monckton, performed by Gregory Murphy, Associate Editor of 21st Century Science & Technology where the true intentions of the Marxist Green Left are brought to the forefront.

Murphy: In the past you’ve described the global warming scare, fraud, hoax—you’ve used numerous words to describe this—as a “genocidal” policy, similar to the policy of how AIDS was handled, or to the ban on
DDT. Is that still your view?

Monckton: What we have here, is a faction in politics, and it’s a worldwide faction, that really came out of the Marxist extreme left when the Berlin Wall collapsed, and found its new home in the environmental movement. And it got into the environmental movement and took it over. A friend of mine is one of the founders of Greenpeace, and he said, “All of us who are genuine environmentalists left after a year, because the Marxists moved in and took it over.”

After establishing who is pushing the argument for anthropogenic global warming, Murphy and Monckton go on to discuss their true intentions.

Murphy: That is very true. What is coming out - you’ve identified the biofuels scam as hurting the poor with food starvation, which is listed as one of WHO’s top causes of death. Now, [UN Secretary-General] KofiAnnan has just issued a bizarre, bogus report stating that 300,000 people have died already as a result of global warming or climate change per year, and more deaths are possible. But the policies that he’s advocating to solve this will kill billions of people, and will eclipse that, even if it were true.

Monckton: Let’s look at this report. It’s produced by the usual crowd of rent-seekers wanting to enhance the role of the UN as a world government. That’s what is really behind this: It’s world government that the left are after. And world government, of course, does not mean democratic government. It means autocratic government, rather like the EU writ large. And this report they produced is plainly nonsense, and you can just look at one simple fact, and that is that for the last 15 years, as [MIT climatologist] Dick Lindzen is about to tell us, there has been no statistically significant global warming. For the last eight and a half years, there has actually been a trend of global cooling, and quite a rapid one. So, why is Kofi Annan coming along now, 15 years after the warming stopped—and, of course, the warming was pretty unremarkable even while it was happening; it was entirely within natural variability—but the warming stopped 15 years ago, and only now do they tell us that this warming was killing people. It certainly can’t have been killing people recently, because we’ve been having global cooling. And that one fact is enough to establish what complete nonsense this UN report is. All it is, is another way of keeping this flagging, failing scare in the headlines between now and the Copenhagen Climate Summit organized by the UN for December 2009. And at that summit, they are hoping the first steps to turn the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change into a world government will be taken. They are not frankly particularly worried about whether they get a deal on who should cut global emissions by how much. It is not, and never was, about that. It is not and never was about the climate. As Vaclav Klaus, the president of the European Union at the moment, has rightly said, “It’s not about climatology; it’s about freedom.”

They want to take our freedom away. They want to set up a world government which will tell the rest of us how to behave, and which will certainly not be subject to any democratic recall or accountability or constraint. And they will do this by saying that, of course, the peoples of the world if left to their own devices, would screw up the planet, because of the emissions of carbon dioxide. Therefore, to save you from yourselves, we are going to ask your government to hand over their sovereignty and their powers—of course in our democratic countries, their powers are peoples’ powers—to unelected bureaucrats, technocrats, and dictators, so that they will govern us in the future.That is what this is all about, and they have to be stopped, which is why I am here.

For all of the scientific argument that is readily made against the faux-science that supports AGW, it is refreshing to find a voice like Monckton's finally speaking plainly about the true intentions of the Green Left. Murphy and Monckton address the hard science in great detail, to be sure, but it is Monckton's blunt approach to the political facts at hand that is outstanding to find. Those of us that have examined both sides of the facts, have all largely been able to deconstruct the science for AGW and find it incredibly lacking. Following Monckton's lead, now is the time to begin to deconstruct the political aspects of AGW, and to expose the environmentalist frauds for what they truly are: Marxist wolves in sheeps clothing.

The entire interview may be found here. Enjoy!

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