Friday, June 26, 2009

IG-Gate Expands

Nobody would fault you if you haven't really heard much about this currently brewing catastrophe, what with ABC whoring itself to the President to slang the rocks of nationalized healthcare to the American public in prime time, or with the greatest tax increase in the history of all the universe ready to be sprung upon us by congressional democrats, but nevertheless IG-Gate is now growing into a swine flu-like pandemic. RS McCain covers the recent "stepping down" of Amtrak's inspector general. Another one bites the dust:
Senator Chuck Grassley has asked Amtrak about the circumstances of the Inspector General's unexpected retirement seven days ago and invited Amtrak to provide information about the interference by Amtrak in the work of the Inspector General described in a report prepared at the request of the retired watchdog.Grassley said the report indicates that Amtrak's policies and procedures have systematically violated the letter and spirit of the Inspector General Act."As I continue my investigation into whether the independence of the Inspector General was undermined by Amtrak officials, I want to make sure I have any and all information Amtrak wants to provide," Grassley said. "The allegations are serious, including third parties being told to first send documents under subpoena by the Inspector General to Amtrak for review, and the Inspector General being chastised for communicating directly with congressional appropriations and authorizing committees"

Inspector Generals are appointed for the purpose of remaining outside the sphere of politics in the decision making process, in order to ensure government agencies are in fact serving the tax paying citizens they were created to serve, rather than the political whims of demagogues. Curiouser and curiouser then that we are seeing IG after IG forced out of work or marginalized as unfit for duty.

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