Monday, March 30, 2009

Dinosaurs Will Die

Dinosaurs will slowly die
And I do believe no one will cry
I'm just fucking glad I'm gonna be
There to watch the fall

Dinosaurs Will Die, NOFX

Those words above were written about what would be the eventual death of the music industry. But I find that there are no more poignant words to express the current situation with both the US auto industry, and the US Government.

As the government is taking the unprecedented step of directing not only the resignation of the CEO of a private corporation in the stepping-down of Rick Wagoner at GM, but also is forcing the merger of Chrysler to Fiat in order for them to be able to receive yet more federal aid to stay afloat just a little longer. Chrysler has 30 days to complete this merger and, likewise, GM has 60 days to retool their operations if they, too, want to receive any further federal aid.

Count me among those that aren't shedding any tears for a complete lack of competence at every level, from the executive level of the companies themselves, to the counterproductive stances the unions have taken to the associated negotiations on labor agreements. GM and Chrysler and the UAW have been dinosaurs for years, and it was only a matter of time before the climate got a bit too cold for them to continue to survive.

Count me among those, as well, that are watching this whole saga with glee right now, as the biggest dinosaur of all enters the fray. If anybody thinks the US Government is possibly going to help fix any of this, they are sorely mistaken. Government is the most inefficient organization known to man, and to imagine that inefficiency and counterproductivity can be supplemented by greater inefficiency and a more disgusting form of counterproductivity is the very definition of insanity.

It's fairly apparent, however, that actually fixing anything is not the point of the government's obscene power grab in this current situation. This government is concerned with nothing but its own growth, and the spreading of its own coercive power. This government could care less whether the US Auto Industry is successful and productive. This government wants only to show that Only Government can do what is necessary to ensure the economy works, despite the fact that all of human experiment with government attempting to be the producer has proven to be a failure.

General Motors and Chrysler grew too large and too cumbersome for their own good. In the free market, these entities would have been allowed to collapse under their own weight, and would have declared bankruptcy. New, more streamlined organizations would have grown in their places, and while production in the economy would have dropped markedly for a short time, it would soon have recovered, and bounced back in better shape. Instead, our government, intent on expanding itself seemingly exponentially at this point, has decided to swallow these organizations whole.

As our government continues to pack on the pounds, it can only be a matter of time until it must collapse under its own weight. Given the current state of affairs, I'm just fucking glad I'm gonna be there to watch the fall!

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