Monday, March 9, 2009

Banking on American Failure

On Sunday, Kevin McCullough at TownHall discussed the idea of "not letting a good crisis go to waste" and that this tactic is now being used by Barack Obama to ensure that America fails, utilizing further economic failure to stir the pot of fear and panic, in order to create drastic social and governmental structural changes.

If it makes no sense to the free market economists that populate the best economics programs across the nation, if it weakens the ability for the average family to make ends meet, and if it does not increase the number of people actually working, why is President Obama so stubbornly continuing to pursue his economically diabolical plan of destruction?

Because it's part of the master plan to "not let a good crisis go to waste."

President Obama knows the history of recessions and how Americans get out of them. He knows, for example, that if he gave back to the American family in just pure cash handouts what he is instead planning on taxing them (with interest) in the days to come, that the number would loom between $25,000-$65,000 per family, for every family in America.

But pretending to be doing something about the problem is only half the strategy for Obama. He truly intends to see socialized health care, and European styled labor agreements become reality in America. He knows the consequences of doing such things, he's seen all the projections and what the outcomes would be, but he's doing it anyway.

But there is one tiny problem standing in his way to getting there--"We The People!"

He knows that in order to be forced down paths that we don't wish to go, the only way he gets us to change our mind is to create abject suffering and misery.

Then in Venezuelan styled cries for help, he can promise to take America to a better place economically, a place of greater care, a place of true serenity. A place like Venezuela.

Ed Morrissey at HotAir has a bit of a different take, one that I think I agree with a bit more than I agree with McCullough's:

I’m not sure I’d say that Obama wants America to fail, as much as I’d credit this to a belief that America had already failed. Obama is a typical liberal ideologue who thinks that America has failed in the sense of equality of result. He sees inequities and thinks that government exists to eliminate all of them. My guess is that he’s aiming much more for France than Venezuela, but neither are particularly palatable destinations for a national economy. Obama seems to see our entire 230-year history as a long crisis that his statist policies will end.
Barack Obama, and most other people of a far-left ideology are collectivists, through and through. Barack Obama, like all statist collectivsts believes that "only government", as Morrissey points out, can push to achieve an equality of result, rather than the tabula rasa with which each of us begins our life, the mission being to fill the slate with as many positive accomplishments as possible. Unfortunately for each and every one of us, an "equality of result" is completely impractical, and can only be achieved via the use of force by the government. But such is the goal of the statist collectivist, and, one can imagine, such is the goal of such a person for the entire world.

Sitting through three poorly made hours of Watchmen yesterday, I finally found the ending to be somewhat relevant to our current situation. (This is a spoiler, so if you don't care to know the story, stop reading now and come back after you've suffered through the movie.) Watchmen comes to a close as Adrian Veidt has destroyed the largest cities in the world, utilizing a generator created for him by Dr. Manhattan that replicates Manhattan's energy. Veidt, by destroying half the planet and blaming it on Manhattan, unites all of humanity in the rebuilding effort and presumably subsequent efforts to defeat Dr. Manhattan.

So, in that same vein of not letting a good crisis go to waste, with the collapse of the American economy, and, one would think, the subsequent collapse of the world economy behind it, have the statist collectivists found their worldwide crisis? Will we continue, as McCullough posits, to watch our President defy all logic and further drive the economy of the United States into the gutter?

Supposing that the ultimate goal is some sort of New World Order, which does not seem unreasonable considering the gathering of collectivists now in charge, it seems a logical conclusion. The statist collectivists hoping for a New World Order are absolutely banking on American failure.

The real question is, will We The People allow it to happen?

Or will we take it upon ourselves to take stock of our young president, and to judge him unworthy of his office before he drags our country down for the sake of weaker countries, just as he hopes to do to each of us personally?

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