Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Low Tide on the South Side

In the 2008 primaries, and in the 2008 general election, voter enthusiasm on the left side of the aisle was at a fever pitch.  At my polling place in Bronzeville, even for the primaries I waited in line.  Bronzeville is in a heavily black, heavily Democrat district.  Bobby Rush is our rep and lives about a block and a half away from me.  For the general, I stood in line outside the small church that is my polling place for half an hour before I could get inside, and then spent more time in line inside.  This was first thing in the morning.

What a difference two years makes.

This morning, I strolled into my polling place wondering if they were really even open yet.  I got inside, and aside from me there were a grand total of two voters.  First thing in the morning 2008 versus first thing in the morning 2010.  The highest of high tides, versus perhaps the lowest of low tides for the left.

Surf's up, people.  Ride the wave!

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