Saturday, May 30, 2009

Young Cons: Conservative Rap

A couple of strapping young conservatives cut this phat beat to tell the how they hang, or something like that. It has made me hate rap just a little bit more, so thanks boys.

Some favorite quotes:

2:40- "Don't matter if you're gay, straight, christian or muslim. There's one thing we all hate called socialism."

Apparently those four groups hate socialism.

2:52- "Superman, not socialism, waterboard that terrorism."

I lost bladder control for a moment when they dropped that bomb.

And without further delay, here they are!


  1. I guess I'll be the first to pose the question as to whether something like this helps or hurts the conservative movement?

    I'm personally going to go with the latter, since the rapping is awful, they generally come off like douchebags, and it's serious fodder for the likes of the Kos-left to continue pointing and laughing.

    Nevertheless, it is pretty damn funny anyway!

  2. If they didn't take it so seriously I think it may actually be helping, but they are far too sincere about the method of their message.

  3. It's a great message a wonderfull Rap, whitch I thought did not exsist. I'm proud of these two collage kids. Hard for me to see a negative in a positive thing. Jim Walsh