Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama: Gross Abuse of Power

I just watched this Rachel Maddow piece on an Obama speech. I really wish I had gotten the chance to watch the speech he gave live, so I could have gotten angry then and threw my TV through a wall. I can't say what she does any better (or close to it) so here is the clip, please watch it.

I will give you a moment to scream and yell...

When my rage subsided, partially because I voted for a man that I knew was lying but never dreamed would lie this much, and partially because this is just appauling, I was left with fear. One should never have to fear the actions of a democracy towards its own people. Right now, I do though.

Anti-terrorism measures and laws have been able to be used towards the American people also. Photography censorship in train stations and air ports is what first jumped to my mind. This indefinite imprisonment seemed like it could be also. I get it, put a known terrorist behind bars until you figure out what the hell to do.

What about the rest of us though?

My brother has Anti-Social Personality Disorder. He also has (or hopefully had now) drug problems. He has been to prison multiple times, each time he was released and fit for social life. Well, obviously they were wrong. He is a repeat offender with a very long criminal record. He is statistically going to commit another crime and likely a more serious one then before given his pattern. Do I have to fear that he will be put back in prison without trial if someone thinks he could be a threat again?

I am scared, and I don't think there are covers deep enough to burrow under to hide from this one.

Can I please just take my vote away... please.

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