Tuesday, May 19, 2009

USB Stick: Finally One I Won't Forget

Over at BigBadToyStore.com a brand-spanking new flash drive has popped up for pre-order. Yea, I know, new USB drives are a dime a dozen. And each one is just some pretty, or ugly, skin on a $2 one you get at Costco.

This one though, is a fully functional Ravage Transformer. I will give you a moment to go back and click through those links now..... another moment..... OK, good.

The only issue I see is this one is too amazing. Why would you do work when you have a Transformer to play with! Excel spreadsheets go to hell, I have Ravage!


  1. $43 for 2GB???

    Come on.

    That toy would cost like six bucks and you throw a five dollar USB stick in it and now it's worth four times as much as its component parts?

    And it can't even be plugged in when it's Ravage!


  2. I know, but compared to the other USB sticks that are actually neat it is similarly priced. Like this one.