Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fight of the Century

In January 2010, Econstories.tv launched a now infamous campaign to bring the story of the Hayek vs. Keynes economic debate to the masses via the rap battle.  "Fear the Boom and Bust" went viral, and has since garnered over 2.1 million views.

Five days ago, they released their follow up, a spectacularly deep video, both musically and visually.  The video presents the debate between Keynes and Hayek, beginning with a dual grilling before a Congressional panel, and moving to the boxing ring as they trade economic theory blows.  We end with Keynes being patted on the back by the Fed Chairman, Wall Street types, and the media at large, while Hayek is shunned, but suddenly embraced in full by a crowd of Regular People.

The message is fantastic throughout, and is an excellent continuation of the debate.  It's already gotten over 450,000 views.  Why not give it a few more?  Enjoy "Fight of the Century!"

BONUS:  Lyrics with hyperlinked relevant articles and posts from Mises.org

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