Monday, September 21, 2009

TIME Magazine: 10 Questions with Ron Paul

A very good interview with some interesting topics being discussed, even if there are only seven questions in this "10 Questions" segment. Questions are as follows. Enjoy the video for the answers!

1. What role does the Federal Reserve have in our current economic downturn, and how would auditing the Fed improve our situation.

2. Do you think you were treated fairly by the mainstream media during the 2008 Presidential Primary?

3. Why do you support the decriminilization of marijuana?

4. How do you feel about the way you were shown in the latest Sacha Baron Cohen film, Bruno?

5. Do you feel that fear-mongering from conspiracy theorists helps or hurts the cause of Liberty?

6. Why do you oppose the income tax?

7. What do you make of President Obama's approach to Iraq and Afghanistan now that he's been in office?

Hat Tip: C4L

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