Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reasons to keep kosher

So Burger King has a new 'Country Pork' sandwich. As your loyal servant in experimenting with the unknown and inherently dangerous, I decided to try it.
This was not planned, it was a whim while out running errands. It was about 8 pm and I hadn't eaten since noon, so the concept of a breaded pork sandwich from a fast food restaurant somehow seemed appealing.
I had yet to see any ads for this heavyweight hog-slice, and only knew about it from the window signs they had up on the way to the drive thru. I'd normally have a promo pic here for you but I can't seem to find it, so here's a photo I took of the thing before attempting to eat it.

The sandwich its self is sizable to say the least, but given the steakhouse line of sandwiches this was no suprise. Removing the top revealed that most of the bulk of my purchase was apparently a solid chunk of lettuce... slathered in mayo. And onions.

This should be fun.

First bite.

Odd... The flavor is... subdued. I was expecting more than this. It's like when a sneeze gets stuck. It's unsatisfying and oddly disconcerting. One is expecting a release, or an experience of some kind, and then - nothing. Maybe it will get better as I have some more...

Nope. That stuck sneeze sense of dissatisfaction compels you to keep eating, but after about 2/3 of the item has been consumed the compulsion to keep going is directly contested by the knowledge and sensation of having eaten a giant fried pork cutlet slathered in mayo.

By the end there were leavings, as all sandwiches will produce. However even these remnants were basted in the all pervasive mayonnaise, and ever-so-surprisingly consisted almost exclusively of lettuce. In retrospect the sandwich tastes mostly of grease and mayo.

Final verdict. 4/10. I don't feel as paralyzed as the Double Down made me feel, but I assuredly feel full. The most notable aspect of this is that my eyes actually feel odd. And at 1040 calories and 48 g of fat (15 saturated) I'm not all that surprised.

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