Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello, World.

I was invited to help contribute to this blog and have jumped aboard. I am a Journalism major among other things. I have my own personal blog and working on launching another site based around the subcultures that exist in bars in Chicago. I have recently started to cover the idea of freedom of information, with a focus on torrents, for a class beat.

Enough with that though. I don't really have a lot to say right now, but felt that this needed to be added. This video from College Humor may be best summation of culture on the internet, and set to a catchy tune. Enjoy, mahalo.

EDIT: College Humor, like so many other sites, for whatever reason has gotten their new viral video taken off youtube in fear of free and mass distribution and advertising. The most amusing part of it all though is the fact it was taken down on the basis of copyright. The music video is a mash up essentially of all copyrighted material. Oh, College Humor, you really are funny. Anyway, in playing by the rules, here is the video on thier page. Be sure to click on all their ads so they continue to remove content from youtube!

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